Business matching on Bio Europe on March2020

  • Business matching on Bio Europe on March2020

Participated in Bio Europe (Digital) in March 2020

Event was held on March 23 to 27(Digital).

(Original plan: venue: France, Porte de Versailles, Paris, France, plan to exhibit at our booth)

Unfortunately, the Bio Europe exhibition was changed to a digital partnering event due to the spread of the COVID-19 infection, and we also partnered on the web.
We have met many entities, including large pharmaceutical companies for our platform licensing, technology integration partners, discovery and development organizations, production and scaling partners, and strategic and regulatory advisors. After the event, we signed a confidentiality agreement and continue to discuss.

We look forward to joining Bio Europe again and strengthening our relationship with every entities in Europe near future.
In addition, we will work hard to contribute to work hard for society through the encounter with all of our participants toward the social implementation of drug delivery technology in the central nervous system.

Event highlights

・Participants: 1,700 (50 countries)
・Partnering: 5,690 times
・Event hashtag:#BIOEuropeSpring

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