Leadership Member

Leadership Team

  • CEO Mariko Tosu (Ph.D.)
  • Director, Research and Development Masato Chiba (Ph.D.)
  • Director, Business Development Philip Davy (Ph.D.)長
  • Director, Clinical Development, Fumikazu Wanibuchi (Ph.D.)
  • Director, Business Administration & Finance Takanobu Nishikido (CPA)

Mariko Tosu子(Ph.D.)CEO

Innovation with spirit, courage and technology

We, Braizon aim to make innovation in the world of the development of the medicine for central nerve system disease that have so difficulty. The brain of the human is protected in impregnable guard by biological barrier called the blood-brain barrier. That is why, for the central nerve disease, many promising therapeutic drug candidates were often given up on the way. It is our goal to say to solve this difficult problem. Besides, we can reduce a side effect and other unfavorable action by nano encapsulating technology. The view from the goal like summit of mountain where we would achieve at, a lot of good medicines of the central nerve system disease are provided in a market, and patients suffering from a brain disease to control human dignity is the decreasing in the world. We develop a technique making big social impact and are excited about being in use. Do you think that you feel your social existence significance, don’t you? Braizon is such a company. We all move forward to brilliant future for CNS disease patient and ourselves. We may face difficulty, troubles, however if you have vision, courage and technology you can make innovation. Our members are showing strong leadership to pursuit causing changes and innovation. Such team we are!!

Masato Chiba(Ph.D.)Director, Research and Development

Deliver medicines for patients

For more than 30 years, I have been working on the discovery and development of new drugs for the treatments of CNS diseases and brain tumors at Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics Laboratories in pharmaceutical companies within and outside Japan (Merck Research Laboratories in PA, US; Research Institutes at Banyu and Taiho Pharmaceutical Companies in Tsukuba, JAPAN). As fascinated by Braizon’s breakthrough technology conferring the ability of brain penetration to the drugs which otherwise cannot pass through blood brain barrier (BBB), I left the pharmaceutical company to join Team Braizon with the enthusiasm and passion to bring novel technology to clinical application. Data for the efficacy to the target inside brain by non-brain-penetrable compounds crossing BBB through our technology have been accumulated every day at Braizon. We have been dedicated to bringing our innovative drug delivery system based on the GLUT1-mediated transcytosis of glucose-conjugated micelle incorporating non-brain-penetrable pharmaceutical ingredients with different modality to the patients suffering from brain disease as soon as possible!

Philip Davy(Ph.D.)Director, Business Development

Strong passion for collaborative success

Braizon brings together innovative delivery technology with the promising developments of external partners to build novel therapeutic options for CNS disorders, founded on strong collaborations. Already operating in Japan and the U.S.A., Team Braizon is expanding our partnerships to facilitate research and development of new CNS therapies globally.

My own strong interest in the biology of aging, and interventions to extend or restore the healthy lives of older adults, attracted me to this company. A research career in bioengineering with a focus on cellular and small molecule translational therapies left me with concerns about the slow pace of development for new therapy options for the brain.

Braizon’s drug delivery system is versatile enough for many modalities of therapy to enter the CNS. We have a collaborative and open approach to development that enables any interested partners in the Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology industries to benefit from our highly efficiency portal to the CNS. The drive to continually innovate, wealth of drug development experience, and passion to help people in need of new and better options gives Team Braizon the strength and confidence to deliver on the promise of our technology.

Fumikazu Wanibuchi(Ph.D.)Director, Clinical Development

Breakthrough to overcome the difficulties in drug discovery and development in neuroscience area

I had been working on drug discovery, clinical development and project management in CNS and Pain Therapeutic Areas focused on neuroscience in Astellas Pharma Inc. for more than 30 years. As you know, drug discovery and development in neuroscience is extremely difficult to provide new first-in-class medicines. Based on such a background, I believe that innovative science and technology of Braizon Therapeutics Inc. must be a breakthrough to overcome the difficulties in drug discovery and development in neuroscience area.

Recently, brain itself and brain function have been elucidated gradually due to remarkable progress of neuroscience. A much greater understanding of pathophysiology in brain and CNS diseases has been developed. However, overcoming the diseases themselves has not been achieved yet and one of high hurdles is blood-brain-barrier. “Brain” made “barrier” to protect brain itself against transition of substances from peripheral blood. Namely, proteins, antibodies and oligonucleotides as drug candidates cannot penetrate at all. Even low molecule drugs are often difficult to penetrate with enough brain concentrations. We, Braizon is making every effort to utilize practically this innovative DDS technology. In future, we will provide innovative medicines to patients suffering from CNS diseases.

Takanobu Nishikido(CPA)Director, Business Administration & Finance

Challenge in Bio with Different Industries Success

Continue the challenge、This is my motto-

In these days many CPAs are going to join venture companies,but when I started working at a venture company,this is minor.After I graduated the university of Tokyo, I joined Audit firm.Audit firm had many things,but the environment of a venture company was not so.We need wisdoms and less resources,so I needed to do everything in itself.But it was very exciting for me.It was so hard,but it was a lot of fun every day.

Why did I challenge bio industry which I’m unfamiliar with?

I’m familiar with IT industry and manufacture,but bio industry is my challenge,so I needed some courageous. Is it good for patients who are waiting for solutions ?

I‘m looking back when I was a little boy,I was truly moved by Dr. Hideyo Noguchi and Dr. Schweizer. Those who have always continued the challenge, I made up my mind to further challenge and I decided. What can you do for yourself that is not tied to the common sense of the industry? Surely there must be something that only you can do. I think it is definitely better to challenge without fear of failure than to give up and regret. That is why we joined the bio industry.

Why did I joined Braizon?

When I heard from the Braizon management member the genuine desire to save the dying people every moment, I was moved deeply. Successful IPO with an IT company is good for me? I have been involved in the procurement of a total of 2.5 billion yen and saved the short spots of funding shortage.Do I really get the real satisfaction ahead?On the other hand, what can I do now to save the people who suffer from illness? I want to look at various industries, companies, directors and employees and still work with people with aspirations. I don’t want to work with people who don’t have passions, I don’t want to trouble with the gap between my ideal and reality. It’s a hard and tough challenge, but I join to try.

Let’s work together who have aspirations. I want to work with.There is no promised future, and if there is primising,do you feel excited?Let’s make it by ourselves.Absolutely fun, I guarantee!Come on and join us!

Scientific Advisors

Kazunori Kataoka(Ph.D., Dr.h.c.)

He earned his Ph.D. degrees from University of Tokyo.
His professional interests are focusing on synthetic chemistry, medical bioengineering, biomaterial science.

He is engaged in research and development of DDS and nanomachines applying polymer nanotechnology.

Prof. Kataoka has been the recipient of many awards, including
Humblodt Research Award, Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, Leo Esaki Prize and Gutenberg Research Award. He has been elected as a Foreign Member of the US National Academy of Engineering (NAE) and a Fellow of the US Academy of Inventors (NAI) since 2017.

Takanori Yokota(MD, Ph.D.)

Department of Neurology and Neurological Science, Tokyo Medical and Dental University
Board Certified Neurologist of the Japanese Society of Neurology
Board Certified Member of the Japanese Society of Internal Medicine

He earned his MD and Ph.D. degrees from Tokyo Medical and Dental University.
His professional interests are focusing on neurology and gene therapy with nucleic acid.

He accepted a position as Professor of Department of Neurology and Neurological Science at Tokyo Medical and Dental University in 2009 and is leading and growing the department.

Prof. Yokota has published more than 150 outstanding scientific papers and been the recipient of many awards,
including Distinction Award of American Academy of Neurology(AAN) 2018.


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