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Our R&D team of highly trained formulation chemists and neuro-biologists is directed by Masato Chiba, Ph.D. whose more than 30 years’ experience in CNS drug development drive Braizon’s platform-enhanced product development. Braizon’s partners can rely on our technology and expertise to ensure their innovations reach both the clinic, and their standards of excellence for new therapeutic products.

Braizon welcomes external collaborators and licensing partners to develop their own therapeutic interventions using the power of our drug delivery platform. With research and development facilities in Kawasaki city, Kanagawa, Japan and Cambridge, MA., U.S.A. Braizon is positioned to work closely with our partners across the globe.

Braizon’s Platform Versatility

Our platform offers three distinct advantages for delivery into the CNS.

  1. High versatility to incorporate many modalities of drugs with no permanent association of carrier and drug.

    “Illustration creator and cooperation: VESPERSTUDIO Inc.”

  2. High delivery efficiency: The delivery rate to the central tissue has reached a high delivery rate compared to the dose, and has reached a dramatically higher concentration than the administration of the drug alone.

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