2nd Kyoto University Life Science Showcase @ San Diego 2021- with KBIC and JETRO-(Online) Exhibit

  • 2nd Kyoto University Life Science Showcase @ San Diego 2021- with KBIC and JETRO-(Online) Exhibit

We will exhibit at the 2nd Kyoto University Life Science Showcase @ San Diego 2021-with KBIC and JETRO-(online)

Event overview

An event to support activities to challenge international commercialization by presenting medical seeds and technologies being developed by Japanese academia-based venture companies to US investors, investment companies, and pharmaceutical companies.

Join this event and see Japanese startups in science startups! We are looking for investment or collaboration.


[Date and time] March 3, 2021 (Wednesday) 6: 00-10: 00 am (Japan time)
[Venue] Online
[Details] Showcase (introduction of medical seeds and technology presentations), discussions and negotiations with US investors
[Target] A Japanese academia-launched venture company and a researcher planning to start a business, who possesses medical technology and seeds for commercializing pharmaceuticals, regenerative medicine products, medical devices, in-vitro diagnostic agents, etc., in the United States. Entity with plans to develop or commercialize
[Theme selection] The theme selection committee will select themes based on their business feasibility, superiority, advancedness, development potential, etc.

Kyoto University San Diego Research Facility set up on the campus of UCSD, investors (individual investors, VC companies, etc.) and pharmaceutical companies in the suburbs of San Diego are engaged in cutting-edge pharmaceutical seeds in the medical field under research and development at the university. The matching event “Kyoto University Life Science Showcase @ UCSD 2020 (KULS2020)” will be held locally on February 27-28, 2020.

The second event “2nd Kyoto University LifeScience Showcase @ San Diego 2021 (Online)” was held online. This time, we are recruiting not only teams started up with technology from Kyoto University but also teams from academia startups from all over Japan.