Selected by JPO as a 10 company supporting IP acceleration program (first phase of 2019)

  • Selected by JPO as a 10 company supporting IP acceleration program (first phase of 2019)

The JPO selected 10 companies to support the intellectual property acceleration program on August 8, 2019, the first phase of the 2019 JPO, announced on August 8 that it had decided to be the first company to support I.P. acceleration programs for startups.

We are proudly selected.After being selected as a J-Startup company in June, we are selected.
The goal of IPAS is to accelerate the intellectual property aspects of startups by establishing intellectual property strategies to protect core technologies and ideas as the intellectual property of start-ups that develop innovative businesses.

Over the next three months, we will receive support from a team of experts in intellectual property strategy who tend to be thin in order to commercialize technology and ideas and build intellectual property strategies.

On August 28, the JPO is scheduled to hold an event on the 3rd floor of the Yaesu Building, 2-7-2, Yaesu, Chuo-ku, Tokyo.

The list of selected companies on Ipas2019 is as follows:

Aising Co., Ltd.
Development of machine-built AI algorithm with ultra-light operating, high-speed data processing, real-time learning, and stand-alone

A-Star Quantum Co., Ltd.
Development of quantum computer platforms and common libraries

SpaceLink Co., Ltd.
Development of “Green Capacitor” with high capacity, rapid charging, safety, long life, and low cost

Seturotech Co., Ltd.
Development of a method that can create genetically modified (genome editing) mice using fertilized egg electroporation method with simple and high efficiency

Pai Crystal Co., Ltd.
Using organic semiconductor single crystal technology developed at the University of Tokyo, we create soft, thin, light, and inexpensive devices.

Photo electron Soul Co., Ltd.
Development of electron beam generation device using semiconductor photocathode technology

Metagen Co., Ltd.
Development of layered health care services that appropriately classify different intestinal environments by individual, take an approach tailored to the type of intestinal environment, and aim to maintain health and prevent diseases

Medigear International Co., Ltd.
Development of “tumor-targeted minimally invasive therapy” that facilitates homogenization of medical care without being influenced by the doctor’s procedure level

LeapMind Co., Ltd.
Development of “Embedded Deep Learning” software and hardware with small, energy-saving design