Exhibit at BIO Digital 2021! (June)

  • Exhibit at BIO Digital 2021! (June)

BIO Digital 2021

Exhibit at BIO Digital 2021 and have selected to be supported by JETRO

BIO Digital 2021 is the world’s largest biotechnology matching event.
We look forward to seeing you all.

We had the opportunity to publish a pitch video (English) on the Global Marketplace (specific web).

With the support of JETRO, we will be able to release a pitch video (2 minutes) of Japanese companies (up to 5 companies).
Publication period: During the BIO Digital 2021 session (6/10 (Thursday) -18 (Friday) (US Eastern Time))
Placed in the BIO Digital 2021 system (Global Marketplace special page)

Event organizer website:https://www.bio.org/events/bio-digital

Innovation stage:2021/6 / 10-11 (EDT, Eastern Time)

Business matching event:2021/6 / 14-18 (EDT, Eastern Time)