Our Science, Innovations

Implementation of a Breakthrough Brain DDS

Braizon is driven to help all those who suffer from brain diseases.

Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, brain tumors, stroke, and ALS are just a few of the many types of central nervous system (CNS) disorders. These diseases affect basic human dignity not only for the affected individuals, but also impact the quality of life for their family members who must often provide most of the patient care for their loved one. Tragically, despite great advances in other areas, survival rates for children with refractory brain cancer are still very low.

We think our technology can provide solutions to relieve this suffering.

One major hurdle to treat CNS diseases is a natural barrier between the blood, which carries most drugs, and the brain tissue where they act. This makes it is more difficult to deliver drugs to brain than other organs in our body. Pharmaceutical companies produce medicines, but these medicines can only succeed if enough reaches the brain.

From Academia Origin to Broad Utility for Drug Delivery

Our technology is a drug delivery system (DDS) for non-invasively crossing the brain blood barrier by ligand modification of polymer micelle drug carriers.

Derived from joint research by Dr. Takanori Yokota, Professor in the Department of Neurology at Tokyo Medical and Dental University and Dr. Kazunori Kataoka, Professor in the School of Engineering at the University of Tokyo, this revolutionary technology is receiving worldwide attention.

Dr. Yokota was inspired by the high accumulation of glucose in the brain during scans used for the early detection of cancer by imaging glucose uptake. While direct modification of drugs with glucose does not improve uptake into the brain, Dr. Kataoka’s delivery techniques solve this problem.

His solution is polymer nano-micelles modified to present glucose on their surfaces. Together these key opinion leaders in their respective fields conceived of an idea that can deliver drugs to brain by utilizing the glucose transport mechanism.

By controlling the site of expression of the most abundant and active nutrient BBB transporter, Glucose Transporter 1, with glycemic control this technology increases the targeted delivery of drugs into the brain more than 50-fold. As exclusive license holders for the patent on this technology Braizon was created to commercialize the research results as a DDS platform.

And more we are one of the COINs member (COIN is the group of iCONM, which Dr. Kataoka is the head director), We are treated as basis of research output from University of Tokyo and Tokyo Medical and Dentist and University of Tokyo.

We could promote Trans-Relation with support by University of Tokyo and Tokyo Medical and Dentist,so our business is the top running example of Cooperation between medical industry and Industry.

Strategic business development based on I.P.

Our DDS techniques were registered as patent in Feb 2017.

We have already applied material patent as of micelles which are relative to DDS with this strong basic patent.

We had already started making miseclle for pharmatical companies.such that has a strong needs to develop drugs deliver to brain,and improve drugs delivery rate,and proceeded patent licensing business by appropliating basic technologies.

We could apply our DDS technology for any sorts of molecule,small molecule,nuclecacid,antibody,peptide,and could deliver to brain.

And we might reposition drugs all ready made by solving problems to DDS for such drugs.

We will strengthen R&D structure and manufacturing miscelle team for promoting feastibility study and co-research and development with pharmateutical companies.We opened Boston R&D site in LabCentral April 2019 for proceeding collaboration with pharmateutical company more smoothly.


We have a dream.One day we can resque patients all over the world who are suffered from serious brain diseases.One day we can complete development by scientists 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration,and by assistance or collabolation with pharmaceutical company.We will be committed to rising to the challenge and dream will come true.Investors,all over the world,please give us some help in terms of money.

Our targeting market

Trends in the number of CNS patients

Alzheimer’s dementia



Corporate development

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The 5th fiscal year(FY ended August 31, 2020)

  • June 2020
    The Excellence Award at the 7th MUFG Business Support Program “Rise Up Festa”. Participated in the world’s largest female entrepreneur pitch event “WiSE24”.
  • November 2019
    Featured as Nikkei NEXT Unicorn.
  • October 2019
    Participated in JHVS and won the JHVS2019 Venture Award.

The 4th fiscal year(FY ended August 31, 2019)

  • Aug 2019
    Selected as IPAS (Japan Patent Office Acceleration Program) 2019.
  • Jun 2019
    Moved headquarters and moved to the University of Tokyo South Research Building Entrepreneur Lab. Selected for J-Startup in June 2019.
  • Apr 2019
    Established US subsidiary.
  • Apr 2019
    Commencement of U.S.A. Operations at LabCentral in Boston, MA. We will begin operating in the United States of America within the startup incubator and launchpad LabCentral, located in Kendal Square, Cambridge.With this expansion of our operations we hope to enable smooth joint research operations with existing and future Biotech and Pharma partners in North America.(For more information about LabCentral, please visit the following web page.

  • Apr 2019
    Leadership team was formed.

    For establishing platform technologies above,we proceed construct the framework for research and development and synthesized missile.And our Leadership team was fomed,R&D and Pre clinical,Clinical,Business development,and Administrative and Finance are joined. For more details,please see this page.
  • Mar 2019
    Capital decrease(capital fund lessen into 10mil yen).
  • Jan 2019
    We initiated research for drug pipeline seeds.
  • Nov 2018
    We were taking the rostrum in BioEurope Start-up SLAM.
  • Nov 2018
    Feature of Nature Focal Point Nanomedicine in Japan by Nature magazine
  • Sep 2018
    We were chosen as Blockbuster TOKYO member.(Blockbuster TOKYO is acceleration program for supporting founding a drug development venture company or growth. (

The 3rd fiscal year(FY ended August 31, 2018)

  • Jul 2018
    We had secured 645 million yen through third party allotment of shares to three venture capital companies, including two new investors. This Series B funding is underwritten by Series A investors Fast Track Initiative, and new investments from The University of Tokyo Cooperative Platform Development Co., Ltd. and SMBC Venture Capital Co., Ltd.

  • Jun 2018
    We are participating in Bio International(Boston,US)

  • May 2018
    Open lab in iCONM(Innovation Center of NanoMedicine,in KING SKYFRONT the “International Strategic Special Zone” in Tono-machi, Kawasaki city.iCONM’s Director in general is Dr.Kataoka.For more details of iCONM(

  • Nov 2017
    We launched fully business activity.

  • Oct 2017
    Feature of our technology article in Nature magazine.

The 2nd fiscal year(FY ended August 31, 2017)

  • Feb 2017 Our DDS technology were issued as a patent in Japan.

The 1st fiscal year(FY ended August 31, 2016)

  • Mar 2016 We had secured 106 million yen through third party allotment of shares to a venture capital company. This Series A funding is underwritten by Fast Track Initiative.
  • Feb 2016 We received university ventures of Tokyo Medical and Dental University.
  • Oct 2015 Established our company.

Upcoming Events

  • August-October 2020
    Exhibit at BIO Digital Tour 2020 (August 25-27 China Bio Partnering Forum, September 21-24 BioPharma America, October 26-29 Bio-Europe).

Past years

  • June 2020
    Received the Excellence Award at the 7th MUFG Business Support Program “Rise Up Festa”. Participated in the world’s largest female entrepreneur pitch event “WiSE24”.
  • March 2020
    Participated in BioEurope (Digital) .
    a LIVE lecture on the latest brain DDS at the session of “The Future Created by Deep Tech” by Schoo Co., Ltd.
  • November 2019
    the luncheon seminar of the 41st Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society for Biomaterials.
  • October 2019
    Participated in JHVS and won the JHVS2019 Venture Award.
    Exhibited and took the stage at the Innovator Leaders Summit (ILS) 2019 sponsored by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.
  • Jun 2019 We will be participating in Bio International.(Philadelphia,US)。
  • Mar 2019 We took a seat at Blockbuster Tokyo business plan presentation meeting(
  • Nov 2018  We were taking the rostrum in BioEurope Start-up SLAM.
    Johnson and Johnson Innovation held their 5th regular Startup Slam event at BioEurope. This elevator pitch session gives new biotech companies an opportunity to share their business ideas in front of industry professionals and venture capatilists. Braizon Therapeutics was proud and grateful to be one of the 8 companies out of 60 applicants to be selected, and pleased to have received great feedback from both the judges and audience members.
  • Sep 2018 We were chosen as Blockbuster TOKYO member.(Blockbuster TOKYO is acceleration program for supporting founding a drug development venture company or growth. (
  • Jun 2018 We were participating in Bio International(Boston,US)

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Corporate profile

Head quarter

Company name
Braizon Therapeutics, Inc.
October 30, 2015
Business description
Research and development of new drugs, diagnostics, and life science research reagents, mainly for use in the CNS area, and the licensing of related intellectual properties, etc. (Business in the fields of bio and drug discovery based on the outcomes of collaborative research by the University of Tokyo and Tokyo Medical and Dental University.)
President & CEO
Philip Davy
Paid-in capital
(As of August 13, 2021, the capital was reduced and the retained earnings deficit was filled. Capital reserve is 4,811,840)
(FX rate is 110yen/USD, all fund is exchange by this)
254,Entrepreneur Lab.,Southern Research Building., The University of Tokyo 7-3-1, Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-8485

Laboratory(in Japan)

3108-3, Innovation Center of NanoMedicine,3-25-14Tono-machi,Kawasaki-ku,Kawasaki, 210-0821

US subsidiary

Company name
Braizon Therapeutics US, Inc.
April 5th 2019
Business description
R&D site
President & CEO
Philip Davy
245 First Street Riverview II 18th Floor Cambridge Massachusetts 02142 United States of America

Meaning of the company name “Braizon”

  • “Braizon” is a fusion of the words “Brain” and “Horizon”.
  • Our company was named “Braizon” with the literal meaning of using our own innovative drug delivery technology to break through the blood-brain barrier as the horizon of the brain, in addition to signifying a company that exceeds the current limitations of existing diagnoses and treatment, proposing new approaches in the CNS area.

Corporate mission

  • As a pioneer in the CNS area, we overcome the barriers posed by existing therapies and diagnoses to find treatments for incurable neuronal diseases, which can impair human dignity.
  • We bring innovation to the CNS area through our robust network and leading interdisciplinary, inter-university, and academia-industry collaborations.

Corporate vision

We are dedicated to becoming a leading company in brain drug delivery technology for the treatment of CNS-related disorders

Our values BBB-WOW!

Be Innovative、Be Accelerate、Be Professional、Work together、Open Communication、Wakuwaku