Message from Mariko Tosu(Founder and Chairperson)

  • Message from Mariko Tosu(Founder and Chairperson)


Mariko Tosu Founder and Chairperso

he brain is protected from the invasion of the alien substance by a biological barrier called the blood-brain barrier. On the other hand, the presence of this barrier is a big pain point in drug development as almost none of the effective therapeutics can access the brain. One of the Center of Innovation (COI) projects of Japan Science and Technology agency (JST) is “Open innovation leading the change to the smart life care society” and Braizon Therapeutics Inc was established as an output of this program. The technology of drug delivery we employ uses nanoparticles encapsulating therapeutic drugs, and decorate its surface with targeting molecules to cross the blood-brain barrier. I strongly believe that this technology will cause a paradigm shift in drug development for neurological disorders.

When I started the full scale business in 2017, the company had only me, however excellent members with great passion and sense of duty joined Braizon to lead this technology to succeed.

We must move to the next step by continuous challenging and accelerating activity of our research and development to become the leading company of the drug delivery to the brain. Braizon will save the people suffering from brain diseases around the world as soon as possible.

Mariko Tosu
Founder and Chairperson